BY Michael Fleming

DATE: 13 FEB 2013


As I write this piece, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  And there’s something I’m really looking forward to.  Now you might think it’s a candle-lit dinner with my beloved wife, Suz - and it just so happens I’ll be in my home town of Glasgow by evening on Valentine’s day (which is unusual as about 70% of our work is in England and 10% outside the UK) so that’s a possibility.

And while of course being at home with Suz and our (slightly challenging although I love them to bits) teenage kids will be lovely, if I’m honest the thing that I’m really looking forward to on Valentine’s Day and that just I know is going to be hugely enjoyable is…a pitch!

Oh I do like a pitch.  A chance to get up close and personal with half a dozen senior partners and Heads of Learning & Development and Business Development in a law firm.  They have of course asked about our IT requirements.  And the answer is, as always, no IT thanks – just a flipchart.  Fifteen minutes to strut my stuff in the boardroom with not a PowerPoint slide or handout in sight.  Then half an hour of Q&A and rapport building.  It’s a buzz.  I love it.  And of course then the painful bit – the wait to hear if we’ve won.

If you fancy having a squint at the Kissing With Confidence and KWC Legal approach to pitching then you might want a peek at a couple of articles – one by me, and one by my colleague, Russell Wardrop, our Chief Exec. And here's an outline of the kind of stuff we cover in our training sessions on pitching.

Whatever you are doing on Valentine’s Day I hope it gives you as much of a thrill as I know I am going to get on mine!


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