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DATE: 19 FEB 2024


Turning the tables on training – how putting ourselves in your shoes helps you grow

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

As well-known and oft-quoted as this extract from George Bernard Shaw’s stage play, Man and Superman may be, it’s not a philosophy we buy into here.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

We believe that the only way you can teach, train or coach anyone effectively is to not only have an intimate and thorough knowledge of your subject, but to also know how to communicate that knowledge in a way that is engaging, enjoyable and memorable for your client.

It’s all about delivering truly excellent client service – and that means knowing how that looks from both sides of the table.

Anything else is just hammering on cold iron.

So, whether you look at training from the perspective of the learning and development professional who’s designed and implemented the programme, or from the point of view of the delegates attending, it’s important to remember this crucial rule:

Your knowledge is more impactful when you know your customer well.

When we know you, we can help grow you

It may seem simple. Common sense, even. But you’d be surprised at how often the value of knowing your customer is overlooked. And yet it’s fundamental not only when it comes to creating tailored, relevant, and inspiring content, but also for making sure the trainers who deliver it are the right cultural fit for our client’s business.

We call this taking a “stakeholders-eye view.” Think of it as a drone-esque, aerial perspective that helps us understand our client’s needs and wants from every angle so we can create tailored training that’s delivered with impact.

It’s a methodology that requires input from the entire KWC Global team, from Client Relations, who understand the brief and scope the programme with the client, to Client Services, who deal primarily in logistics and supporting the facilitation team, to the facilitators themselves, who work hard to ensure they deliver an excellent service to the client.

This 360-degree approach gives us a far deeper understanding of what it takes to design, plan and deliver excellent, tailored client service; because it’s about so much more than simply “training the trainer.”

It’s about pulling rabbits out of hats to make sure our facilitators have everything they need, where and when they need it.

It’s about showing those facilitators how to weave their own stories and professional services experience into the training materials, breathing life into the training so it resonates with delegates.

And it’s about teaching people how making that all-important emotional connection with their audience makes the learning sticky.

Going beyond training trainers

Even though we’ve been successfully helping clients transform their business development and team-building capabilities for over 20 years, we’re never content with the status quo.

As voracious, life-long learners, we’re committed to making sure our trainers are the gold standard in the industry. Because as much as we’re passionate about helping our clients grow, we’re devoted to helping our trainers grow too.

This means ensuring they’re always exposed to the latest facilitation techniques, consistently develop new skills, and continually adapt and evolve their methodologies to align with the varied and changing needs of our clients.

These are just some of the reasons behind the recent launch of the KWC Global Associate Training Facilitator Academy.

In January, the learning from the Academy came into its own, when KWC Global’s new Head of Client Services & Operations, Deborah McCormack, joined a “crack squad” of KWC facilitators in Denmark. Their mission? To deliver three days of effective networking and relationship management training for one of our most valued clients.

In true KWC, both-sides-of-the-table style, Debs not only planned and organised two days of intensive training prior to the event to help the facilitators deliver a seamless, high-standard of training, she also participated as a delegate to help her get “back on the tools” as a trainer.

And for our KWC facilitators, one of the most valuable parts of the client programme was the client’s daily feedback about each group and individual facilitator. Far from being intimidating, the information was used constructively in one-to-one sessions to help make granular adjustments to the content and overall approach so that it more closely aligned with our client’s needs.

Of course, feedback and an innovative, circular approach are no more useful than a chocolate teapot unless they’re implemented. This is why the evening client networking session saw them “practicing what they preached” - putting the skills they were teaching to immediate use on themselves.

Doing things differently makes all the difference

This is ultimately the blueprint for everything we do at KWC Global – and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the professional services, legal, corporate, and higher education sectors, training their people and their leaders, and showing them how to embrace a growth mindset.

Because our trainers have relevant, real-life experience in both our course subject matter and in the industries we serve, we’re able to take a far more active and involved role in our clients’ growth.

Think of us as horticulturists for your teams – we never mind getting our hands dirty when it comes to nurturing, encouraging and cultivating a culture of personal and professional development.

We’d love to show you what we mean, so if you’re ready, let’s grow.

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