BY Michael Fleming

DATE: 02 MAY 2014


I'd been working away from home, as is normal, for a few weeks.  A brief window of calm appeared in my diary.  A chance to sleep in my own bed and to remind my wife and children who I am!  And so I elected to work at home for a day, rather than head into the office.  Half way through the morning I wandered round to the local Costa Coffee for a fix.  Complete with iPad, planning a big catch up on email.  It was bright but cold outside.  Costa was toastie warm.  I settled down in a corner with my latte.  Busier than normal today I thought.

Definitely too warm for my attire: t-shirt with fleece over.  Time to ditch the fleece.  That sounds simple, doesn't it?

It's painful to write this.  It really is.

Am I the only one who has ever encountered a problem when taking off a fleece top that it sometimes has a tendency to grab hold of the material of the top underneath it? I was aware of the tendency of this particular fleece to do just that.  But I reckoned that I had it all under control. Left had to hold down the tshirt.  Right hand to pull the fleece over my head.

Alas all did not go to plan.  The fleece proved incredibly resistant to moving.  I decided to give it the double hand treatment, in the process foregoing the original plan to hang onto my tshirt.  Bad idea.

A couple of big tugs ensued and then...

I transmorphed into Topless Man in Costa Coffee.

Yup. Right over the head. Fleece complete with tshirt underneath. And there I was. Naked from the waist up in my local Cost Coffee.

Of course by this time the whole tshirt/fleece thing had become well entwined so achieving the reverse was not so quick and easy.


To add insult to injury, not only were my fellow coffee drinkers, who happened to look up from their lattes at just the right (or wrong depending on your viewpoint) moment, wondering why on earth the chap in the corner was topless.  They were also wondering why on early he had strange crop circles shaved into his chest hair!  (Annual BUPA medical including ECG having taken place within the previous week).

Might not surprise you to learn that I haven't been back to my local Costa since.


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