BY Nicky Denegri

DATE: 26 JAN 2018


The Teammaker is anything but fluffy.  In fact it’s all about tough love. Nice, but tough, love.

We know that people are your (and our) greatest asset.  That as the generations come into and through your (our) organisation they want and need different things, but feedback, coaching and stretch are vital to them.  That they want to be treated as individuals but need to be to able flex their approach, and focus on those behaviours that are helpful and productive for other people and the task at hand. 

That can all seem very daunting, but here are three top tips that I recommend you do right away. Trust me, you will see the rewards.

  • Set up weekly catch ups (little and often is the key)
  • Start to give each other feedback at the end of regular meetings (good and bad!)
  • Have a look at my social styles blog and try to pick out your own and each other's styles (and how you can be versatile!)

Our Teammaker programme focuses on these issues and more.  Our seven principles pathway helps you to diagnose and us to deliver for you a brilliant suite of development days.  Whether it’s creating assertive and confident managers; brilliant team members or looking at the overarching issues that help or hinder your team culture, this is where it happens.

Teams who experience it say there’s a huge uplift in their trust levels - leading to better, faster decisions; happier more motivated people and ultimately commercial gain for all.  What’s not to like?

Its beauty is that it’s flexible enough to meet your current needs; to add on elements once you’ve done your initial intervention (and watched and waited for the results to emerge), and top up (with for example some tough love coaching) in a way and to a timeframe that suits you.

Interested? Our (amazing, high-performing) team is here waiting to tell you more.


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Nicky Denegri is our Senior Consultant and Executive Coach. If you would like to know more about this subject, drop her an email and we will be in touch.

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