June 21st is International Yoga day

Here are my thoughts on what we can learn from Yoga in relation to Business 

Focus on form, not frequency.

When you have form you can then work on frequency. Doing lots of the right thing in the wrong way only trains your brain to be very good at being very bad. The KWC Rainmaker programme focuses on doing lots of the right thing in the right way.

I will eventually, through practice, get that head on the ground next to my feet

Focus on focus.

You need to be in the moment with Yoga and immerse yourself in the experience to really get the benefit. There is a difference between stretching and Yoga, just as there is a difference between going to lots of networking events and actually being a Rainmaker.

Be self-aware.

When you are self-aware of your stance, your strength, your flexibility and that your body is one connected organism you start to be aware of your posture, your movement and your feelings. Self-awareness is the first step to Emotional intelligence which is a core part of everything we do.

Make sure you keep an eye on the Kissing With Confidence Instagram page for the teams favourite poses and why this helps them with their business development activities.



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