BY Nicky Denegri

DATE: 13 APR 2018


Making time for your people’s development is critical to the continued growth of your business (and the people themselves). Regular feedback and coaching is something that every manager and leader should be doing.

Welcome to Principle Two, which focuses mainly on feedback and coaching, and are two parts of management from which many people shy away. Why? Because they require time; effort; practice; usually occasional failure (which is great, because you can learn loads from getting it wrong); engaging with people at an emotional as well as a practical level and a hefty dose of time to observe them putting their reflections and your messages into practice, and (hopefully) improving performance.

So it’s difficult; challenging; frustrating. And immensely motivating; rewarding and productive. There is a process and a skill element to both feedback and coaching. They’re relatively easy to understand, but not necessarily to do well. That’s where we come in to help you plan; practise and review how they’ve gone, and what to do more and less of next time. We help you grow your confidence; build relationships and see feedback and coaching as things to be enjoyed rather than feared!

We’ve also found that people want to look at the fundamentals of delegation in Principle Two, which is great because it helps unpick all sorts of stuff, such as the belief that “it’s quicker and easier to do it myself” which is usually code for “I want to be in complete control”. Once people have been able to acknowledge that to themselves and to others, they find how to let go in a way that still supports people appropriately; lets them learn and keeps everyone in the loop.

We finish off looking at the fundamentals of EQ in high performers. This stuff is tough, as we’ve said already. Your optimism; happiness and resilience all need boosted and maintained, and we’ll do that here.

Ready for Principle Two? Let us know.


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