BY Russell Wardrop

DATE: 25 JAN 2010


Purpose: To deliver a bawdy and racy account of the foibles of men in reply to their toast, then to come to the conclusion that you couldn’t live without them.

The Reply From The Lassies should normally be ten to fifteen minutes long, but as with the Toast To the Lassies can be nearer five if that blows your hair back.

Much of the advice for the Reply from the Lassies is similar to that for the Toast to the Lassies: don’t be too gratuitous; have a bit of a go at yourself; and remember to put the Burns in!

In addition though, there is an opportunity to take Burns as the central character and point up some of his foibles, while simultaneously telling modern man how unfavourably he compares with The Bard.

This involves a little bit of reading his poetry and about his life, but it is a great way to deliver something a bit clever and gives the opportunity for you to recite some Burns.

Look especially for some of his more risqué and bawdy work, it will fit in very well with your likely theme.

And remember, at the end you have to have a conclusion that compliments the Laddies!


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