BY Nicky Denegri

DATE: 10 DEC 2019


the importance of client feedback

At KWC, we believe client feedback is King. If you don’t know what’s good, bad and ugly in your clients’ eyes, how can you improve (or at least stay the same) in terms of your performance?

The trick is to be clear, open and up front about how you’ll gather feedback. Let’s be honest: we all want great feedback, all of the time, but that’s just not possible. We are only human after all. We don’t get it right all the time, so we need to be grown-up and practise how we deal with the feedback we get when it’s not what we want. Otherwise people won’t feel comfortable about being honest about what has or hasn’t worked and you close the door to a valuable ongoing feedback loop.

When we’re coaching one-to-one at Kissing With Confidence, we set an expectation with the client that we’ll ask them for feedback at the end of the session, but that they should let us know if something isn't working for them during the session. This means both sides need to be courageous. We use KISS as a guideline - Keep - Improve - Start - Stop.

When we’re training, we ask people to complete feedback at the end of the session. Many of our programmes contain a one and three-month follow-up too, so we can see a) how people are applying the knowledge and skills and b) their effect on performance; relationships and outcomes. 

Our feedback is qualitative i.e. what worked and why and quantitative i.e. how much. This gives a good all-round perspective in a way that suits everyone.

Let us know how we’re doing, why don’t you?

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