BY Russell Wardrop

DATE: 08 SEP 2017


Bespoke Benefits and Relevant Features

Okay let’s get this straight. It’s not that benefits are good and features are bad. We often hear such nonsense and it can lead us down a path of omitting key characteristics of our product or service that need to be out there.

What is true is we often gravitate towards features because they are more tangible and practical: number of staff, breadth of service offering, experience and personal credentials. This can sound like you will come in as an expert to do things to me whether I want you to or not. And you are going to charge me a lot of money for the privilege. 

That’s where benefits come in as they are about what you can do for your prospects, not to them. That includes how you make them feel. Russell uses three strawberry tarts to illustrate that, when tempted to put features out there, you make them relevant by connecting them to the right benefit. When it comes to strawberry tarts the benefit is happiness and the features crumbly pastry, smooth rich cream, perfectly ripe fruit and gooey syrup***.

***Not sugar, fat and salt.


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