BY Julie McHugh

DATE: 03 APR 2014


Spring has finally sprung after what seemed to be a never ending gloomy winter. I will not lie; I do not think that I am really made for winter. I favour nights at home watching a good film over venturing outside. However when the days get lighter I suddenly need human interaction as I realise that I have been hibernating the past few months.

Thankfully we were holding our spring programmes and I had the opportunity to kick off the season with our KWC Presentation Skills course. The day definitely measured up to what I needed. It provided a complete overview of how to present, offering great tips and feedback. I was on my feet lots of times in front of our small group and applied the various new techniques that were covered throughout the day.

It’s funny how other people can genuinely say that you look confident, yet on the inside you are shaking like a leaf. I think we can all have a tendency to be over critical on ourselves. I often look back on the talks I gave at University; but the bad ones always seem to stick. I was always ‘prepared’ and knew the material inside out, but it was my nerves that always got the better of me. Too often I would drop my notes on the floor and my face would go bright red, or my PowerPoint presentation would refuse to open and I would have to recall everything from memory... sending me into a panic.

By attending the open course I boosted my confidence, learned new techniques and really brushed up on my presentation skills. So if you think that you could do with same - or if you just want to make sure that you aren’t going into hibernation early - I would strongly recommend signing up to our Autumn courses!


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