BY Matt Wardrop

DATE: 11 JAN 2023


Seven Splendid Hacks for Sales Success in 2023

This year is going to be challenging for businesses. Economic uncertainty can make it more difficult to succeed, but it is possible to thrive with the right strategies. 

Now is the time to sharpen your sales approach. 

With two decades of experience under our belt, and having transformed our business through two financial crisis, let us give you some failsafe ways to grow in 2023.

JFDI (Just do it)


This is neither difficult nor creative. You simply need to get off the sofa and start; done is better than perfect, so beware analysis paralysis. 

The best time to start your 2023 sales plan was three months ago, the second best time is today.


be organised & systematic


Rainmakers are on one hand intuitive and creative, on the other well organised. 

Be systematic and never let sales fall off your agenda. Face the wall, steel yourself, do something every day: that’s what gets results. 


work as a team


Rainmakers can be lone wolves but they are even better in a pack. 

Sales don’t happen by accident. Set up weekly team meetings, ideally face-to-face if your business allows it.

Teamwork gives you synergy, a shoulder to cry on for the inevitable knock-backs and pals to pop the Prosecco when you win big.


form good habits


If you get lazy then someone else gets the sale. Get into a habit that suits your style and works with the rhythm of your life.

Choose the task, find your why, prepare the ground… but then set yourself right. 

Start early, because sometimes it’s a beautiful day. 


be visible


Networking is back, in real rooms. Meetings are on, with real handshakes. Awaydays are happening, with new colleagues you are unsure about. 

This is not as bad as you imagine. Zoom is great but it’s time to get out there, so find your shoes, iron your Sunday best and buy new lippy.

Let others quit quietly while you go out and get busy. 


embrace rejection


It’s a numbers game. Rainmakers risk rejection every day and experience it so often they are immune to its effect. 

Ask for the sale, don’t get stuck in the friend zone. 


be creative


Rainmakers must be conscientious, but creativity wins the biggest prizes at every stage of the sales process. 

Few are conscientious and creative. Intuition and flexibility are the antithesis of being organised and systematic. This is why sales is a team pursuit. 

Rainmakers are risktakers; they dare to be different.

And remember: sales solve everything.

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