BY Russell Wardrop

DATE: 08 JAN 2013


The Mississippi Snapping Turtle sinks to the murky bottom, lies on his back, opens wide and waits. He can wait for an hour. As he waits he wiggles his tongue. I do love the time I get during the Christmas break to watch Wild Mississippi and the like.

Touché the Snapping Turtle has a unique tongue that looks like a worm: squirmy-pink. He's a big predator is Touché, so wiggling and waiting works. (Though not if you are a fish.)

Now if what you offer the world is as unique as a worm-tongue sit back and wait for your lunch to pass by. If not, think again about how you might get fed.

Sales solve everything, and are rarely caught by sitting back waiting. You need to be out there, in about it. But when push comes to shove you are unlikely to see yourself as a turtle, even one with a terrific tongue. I imagine few of us, when asked at a training session to name an animal we identify with, would say, "I'm a Mississippi Snapping Turtle... Because..."

How about a Jaguar? Wild Brazil, on immediately after Wild Mississippi, featured the big cat. A top predator, also available in black. That's more like it, eh? Sleek, beautiful, fearsome; munching Capybarra and crunching Caymen with alacrity. No bother.

Except it's a lot of bother. There's a lot of failure when you're a Jaguar: You might be at the top of the food chain but no one pays any notice to that. Animals don't watch TV. There's more failure than success, with all sorts of potential dinners giving you the slip.

So let's agree you're not a turtle, even if holding your breath for an hour could come in handy on family holidays or after the sprouts are finished on the 25th, but being a Jaguar is the way to go. Or a panther, the black version. Just remember this: elegant as you are, you need to be out there, trying lots and failing lots. If you're not, someone else will eat your dinner.

And remember: Sales Solve Everything.


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