BY Sharon McLellan

DATE: 06 AUG 2019


Proud to support #NoWrongPath

Thousands of pupils living in Scotland will be receiving their SQA exam results today. We know it can be both an exciting but also a potentially worrying time for people. When you don’t receive the results you were banking on, it can be hugely disappointing and you may feel like you have very limited options. However, the good news is that there is plenty of support out there and there are many different paths you can travel to get to where you want to be.

Team KWC are delighted to once again support #NoWrongPatha social media movement which aims to provide inspiration and reassurance to young people receiving their exam results.

Established in 2017 by Developing the Young Workforce (DYP) Glasgow, #NoWrongPath celebrates the range and diversity of career paths in Scotland. The campaign aims to promote the idea that there is no specific path to lead you to that ‘dream job’ or final destination. Young people should be excited about the career journey that they are about to face, regardless of their results.

Within KWC, many of our staff have experienced varied and interesting career paths to arrive at where they are today.

There’s KWC Client Relationship Manager, Matt Wardrop, who initially foreseen a career in statistics for his future, but with a clear passion in sales and people, that’s led him to a very different career path. There’s Head of KWC Legal, Michael Fleming, once lawyer now trainer. And in charge of all things events and operations, Julie McHugh - from Royal Mail Postal Assistant to Philosopher (MA) to KWC Client Services Manager.

Our very own Chief Exec, Russell Wardrop, has seamlessly manoeuvred his way from Architect to Academic to co-founding a business that has delivered business development training internationally at the highest level for the last 19 years.

There is something in common with all of these examples. Nobody anticipated where they would be working in 2019 from when they first started out as a school leaver. Paths change and take us to where we are supposed to be. Everyone has their own story to tell and this is what #NoWrongPath is all about.

Look out for some of our staff who will be sharing their #NoWrongPath throughout the day via LinkedIn. Be sure to follow #NoWrongPath

You can also find loads of useful advice and resources here.



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