BY Russell Wardrop

DATE: 11 JAN 2024


Preparing to Grow. Why your people aren’t too different from your plants…

Every January, businesses across the world talk about growth. What targets they’re setting for the year ahead, how they’re going to hit those targets, and what they need to achieve it.

But growth isn’t just important in January. The best businesses are obsessed with growth. Not just in revenue terms (although that’s, obviously, vital) but for their people’s personal growth too. After all, your company is only as good as the people who work for you…

But personal growth also leads to business growth. In fact, according to the Association of Talent Development, comprehensive training programmes lead to 2018% higher revenue per employee.

The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that our new strapline is “prepare to grow”. Why? Because we’re as obsessed with growth as all of you. Not just for ourselves but helping you achieve it too.


Why “Prepare” To Grow?

Growth is great. It’s what powers our world. (Rightly or wrongly depending on your political ideology. But let’s not get into that…)

However, it doesn’t happen by accident. Think of it like growing a plant. When it starts popping its head above the soil, it’s exciting. New life - fantastic! But the reason it’s got this far is because you put it in the right place at the right time and gave it all the nutrients and sunlight it needed to succeed.

Business growth is the same. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes - and giving the right people the right tools to do their best. Training is like water in that success doesn’t consistently happen without it.

Sure, you get the occasional unicorn, but most people need coaching and expert advice before they become amazing sales people or leaders. So you need to prepare them.


So, How Do You Prepare To Grow?

Confident teams succeed. And the way to grow confidence is to learn more about your subject. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow once said “You’ll either step forward into growth or back into safety”. What you need are the skills to take that step forward.

Here are our team’s top tips on successfully preparing to grow:

Get everyone on the same page.
Our Head of Coaching Nicky, wrote an article last year on how building a strong team culture helps win sales.

By getting everyone on the same page and behind the business, your whole team starts pulling together and working to ensure the company as a whole succeeds - not just as individuals but as a team.

Improve your team’s ability to sell.
Many people who we talk to just don’t like selling. They feel it’s pushy and don’t want to spoil relationships by going for a hard sell. But sales are how businesses survive - and thrive. So overcoming these issues and getting better at overcoming roadblocks, being more adaptable and actually asking for the sale are vital skills.

Get better at pitching
Pitching is a vital part of winning business but for many, it’s not something they’re confident in. By learning to create the perfect pitch and understanding how to create connections that will resonate with your audience, standing up and delivering your pitch will become second nature to your team. (And business will naturally follow…)

Improve your storytelling
Staying in people’s memory is what makes your brand and business stand out from your competitors. Humans make emotional decisions and back them up with facts, so while data and detail are important, making the emotional connection is more important.

Teaching your people how to do this is an easy win: this skill is something that will serve them in all areas of their role, from networking to pitching, and closing sales.

Empower your team
One of our mottos at KWC Global is “proceed until apprehended”. This means persist. Without being a pest. But that can only work if your team feels confident enough in your trust in them that they’re ok to do it.

If you don’t believe in your team, they’re not going to believe in themselves. If you’re determined to grow, surrounding yourself with a group of people who believe in their abilities and feel empowered to proceed to success is vital.


Where Does KWC Global Come In?

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the professional services, legal, corporate, and higher education sectors. We’ve trained their people and their leaders to embrace a growth mindset and to prepare themselves for the reality of growth and building strong teams.

That’s why our expert team of trainers comes with real-life experience in both our course matter and in the industries we serve. Think of us as the expert horticulturists for your people's growth…

We teach three main courses that help your team to grow:

Rainmaker: encourage adaptability, critical thinking and collaboration that help your people tackle roadblocks and improve their business development skills in a challenging market.

Pitchmaker: successfully prepare pitches, make emotional connections and balance gravitas with levity when the stakes are high.

Teammaker: learn how to work effectively and collaboratively to create shared goals, attitudes and practices that help achieve your goals.

Each course is tailored to meet the exact requirements of your business and the needs of your team. Whether you’re looking to scale your business development efforts, you have a big pitch coming up, or you need to create a team that works perfectly together under incredible leadership, we’re here to help you get ready to grow.

Want to find out how we can help you prepare your team to grow?

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