BY Matt Wardrop

DATE: 29 AUG 2014


Here's our selection for you this week.

Matthew Wardrop

29 august mw

Russell being pre-recorded for Channel 4 news on Monday morning, previewing the second debate. You can see the what made the final cut here!

Russell Wardrop

29 august rw

In Dublin, who knows why, it's always Coco Pops and banana. Never happens anywhere else. #braw

Sharon McLellan

29 august sm

My cat Lola, just over a year ago. I wish she was still this size... very cute!

Nicola Denegri

29 august nd

We were so excited about CPFC's first home game of the season we were in our seats a full hour and ten mins before kick off! Sadly we were thrashed 3-1 by West Ham. 

Michael Fleming

29 august mf

My new remote controlled plane taking shape mid construction on the kitchen table (Carbon-Z Cub if you were wondering).

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