BY Matt Wardrop

DATE: 13 AUG 2015


I needed a couple of new suits, so I went to a local department store and found a couple of crackers. One blue, one grey: they fitted perfectly but the grey trousers had to be ordered as my size was out of stock. What followed was a painful middle-aged lady versus iPad scenario (not just any iPad…). We were almost at the end point a couple of times but the wrong button was pressed and we were right back at the start. The assistant was very cheery throughout apart from the odd “I’m rubbish with this technology stuff!” rant.

I was in no rush. It was raining outside and I was out to lunch. I was only five minutes walk from the office. She asked me if I was in a hurry and I smiled and said not at all, though I’d be lying if I didn’t have my Chicken Katsu from Yo Sushi! at the back of my mind. I was a little peckish and by now should have been out the door ten minutes ago. After attempt number two I got another apology, which I greeted with another smile. I didn’t want to be awkward and I tried to help a couple of times. I managed to speed us along a bit; it was essentially an online order, of which I have done many.

Finally, we were sorted and it was time to pay. At this point she turned to her colleagues and asked if they have any spare discount receipts, but none were to hand. My smile gets a little wider as this was unexpected; who doesn’t want a discount? Following this, the three assistants were on the hunt behind the counter, looking for the voucher. After a nerve-wracking (for me) 30 seconds, one is found. Not just any discount voucher…

A 20% discount for keeping me waiting and for my patience, I was told. That’s not sweetie money when you’re buying two suits and two ties (one pink, one blue).

Here at KWC HQ we work at full-tilt morning until night and deal with clients who do the same. It’s easy in the midst of all that for any of us to get a bit hot under the collar, elevate your own importance and forget to simply be nice, patient and likeable.

So… be nice! And you never know what rewards might come your way.

Sometimes not just any rewards... ;-)


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