BY Nicky Denegri

DATE: 05 APR 2013


At Kissing With Confidence, we not only deliver training on the fundamentals of excellence in networking, relationship building, selling and pitching, but also coach people who are having difficulty with one or more aspects of them.

Take networking.  Many people think that networking equals going out to lots of events.  It does – but that’s only part of the story.   

  • It’s about building relationships with the people in your workplace – to foster cooperation, coordination and efficiency.   
  • It’s about using your personal network of friends and colleagues past to develop your professional skills – often getting a more honest perspective on your strengths and development areas than you might from your colleagues present.   
  • It’s about getting to know people now who have power and or influence – who can help you get the results that you need, for yourself and your organisation.   
  • It’s about devoting time and effort to each of these things, not writing them off as a waste of time, as something underhand, as using people.

We do a lot of work with people making the transition from one stage of their career to the next – usually senior – stage.  It’s surprising how many of them don’t like networking, and who want to leave it behind when they reach that senior stage.  Of course, that’s exactly the point where it’s needed more than ever.  When their job as leader is about getting others to do things – leaving them free to continue maintaining and building those vital relationships.

So – take a moment to do an audit of your relationships – personal and professional - and to work out what you could be doing to make it feel less like work, and more like a safety net.


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Nicky Denegri is our Senior Consultant. If you would like to know more about this subject, drop her an email and we will be in touch.

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