BY Nicky Denegri

DATE: 01 NOV 2012


It was – if not a dark and stormy night – certainly a dark and cold one in Glasgow when we spoke to 150 students taking part in Strathclyde University’s “Enterprise Challenge” about the Kissing With Confidence method of delivering passionate presentations. The Enterprise Challenge introduces students to the skills needed to survive and thrive in business today. To stand out from the crowd – in an appropriately memorable way – when competing for jobs, resources, backers, coaching and mentoring. To not only understand and be able to use these skills – but to enjoy themselves in doing so.

By way of introduction, Cara from Strathclyde Uni said to the group “Many of us need to get better at presentations; we all have to do them – but understand how to do it properly, not just get up there and say the first thing that comes into our heads, in any old way”. Cue lots of nodding and wry smiles – after all, speaking in public is many people’s top fear!

Our session was a 90-minute canter through the fundamentals of the Kissing With Confidence Method: The Science of Preparation, The Art of Delivery and Making The Emotional Connection with your audience. Even in that time there was lots of discussion and activity for the group; 90 minutes of nothing but speaker chat is too long (nobody wants to feel as if they’re watching Russian TV).

At a conservative estimate I’ve notched up somewhere between three and four thousand hours of speaking to groups. And I’m still learning. Which of course was one the key messages to the group: grab as many opportunities to do as many presentations as you can – because you can never get too good at this stuff.  Ever.

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