BY Michael Fleming

DATE: 16 DEC 2013


A recurring theme as I look back on the past 45 years of my life is that I absolutely love learning.  And sharing what I learn where I think it might be of use to others.  Hence I always had some trainees under my wing when I was a law firm partner, I ran courses at the University, I spoke at CLT conferences.  I love all that stuff.

And now, as the Christmas holiday period fast approaches and a gap finally appears in my rather mad diary of travel, training, coaching and speaking commitments...

I have kept myself completely clear of KWC Legal commitments for the final few days before the holidays have booked myself onto an intensive negotiation skills training course.  Why?  Because it's a fascinating subject.  Because in my role as head of KWC Legal I have to negotiate with our many law firm clients.  Because it's a subject on which I regularly deliver training courses for lawyers. And because, no matter how good I think the courses we run on the subject are, I also believe that there's always room for improvement in everything.  So I'm expecting over three intensive days, along with my fellow delegates - including our Chief Exec, Russell Wardrop, to pick up some new ideas and different approaches.

And of course as a former law firm litigation partner, I can't resist the chance to engage in some good old negotiation role plays.  Ah that's going to take me back to the seventeen years I spent litigating and negotiating.  Can't wait!

And then it will be holiday time and a chance for a fortnight with my wife, daughter and son.  As usual this will be spent on the west coast of Scotland in a beautiful sea loch village.  The learning theme continues though.  I've recently returned to an old childhood hobby - flying remote controlled planes.  My Christmas present to myself this year is a fancy new transmitter (Spektrum DX9 if you happen also to fly and were wondering) and a new plane (a WOT4).  From a quick flick at the transmitter manual, I think that a degree in computing may be required to operate it.  Alternatively of course I could hand it to one of my teenage children who will doubtless work out its operation intuitively without reference to any manual.  I'm determined to get my flying skills back up to the level where I can manage some simple aerobatics.  And of course hoping that some of the clever new technology in the transmitter can help me along the way.  All set against the backdrop of Loch Craignish with the mountains of the island of Jura in the distance.  Hard to beat.

So when we catch up in 2014 by all means ask me all about my immersive three days of negotiating but also check whether I worked out the intricacies of the new transmitter, mastered flick rolls and Immelmann turns with the WOT4 and most importantly of course whether the number of my landings equaled the number of my take-offs!

With all best wishes for a lovely Christmas and a great New Year.


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