Seven years ago I wrote an article for a magazine on the back of some horrendous news coverage full of doom and gloom.

So what has changed in seven years... not a lot by the looks of it.

We do as a nation thrive on disaster even when it looks like we are in a good place. I recall the time one presenter said they wanted to forewarn the £165m lottery winner that they would reflect back on how this was the worst thing that ever happened to them.

Of course there is bad in everything and I do have the imagination to find it. Conversely there is also good in everything and my imagination wants to go there. So should we have balanced reporting... good and bad in equal measure? Nope... absolutely not, and I will tell you why.

Whether you are running a business or making a presentation confidence is everything, confidence is grounded in your belief system, and your belief system operates based on your exposure to events (yours or others).

So if you hear that things are bad you are training your belief system which will impact your confidence and voila... your business or your presentation has just moved a notch further south.

I may live in a bit of a bubble because I love:

  • Being caught in a traffic jam... because it means I will not get caught in the accident ahead;
  • Waiting on a cold railway platform for a train... because my body burns more calories to keep warm;
  • Being stopped by someone to ask for directions when I am in a hurry... because I get to do a random act of kindness; and
  • Best of all misplacing something... because when I find it I will be happier than I was before I thought I had lost it.

I meet countless business people and guess what… the confident ones are happier because they realise that worrying about something you cannot influence is like paying interest in money you never borrow.


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