BY Matt Wardrop

DATE: 22 DEC 2016


If you follow us on social media or receive our weekly newsletter, you may be aware that we have been posting a business development tip every working day in December to help you end 2016 on a high. Some were actions that you could implement right away - no excuses! - and others required a bit more thought.

If you have any success stories from giving it a go, please do let us know... it would be great to hear from you. If you missed out, there's nothing stopping you using these tips early in 2017... or in fact any time you like!

They are all included below, or you can print off this handy one-page PDF we have created for you to keep on your desk.


Thursday 1st: Book yourself on that Christmas networking event coming up. Go on, you’ll meet loads of interesting people and have a great night!

Friday 2nd: Send someone an article that would be interesting & relevant to them. Remember that one you read the other day and really liked?

Monday 5th: Ask for an introduction to a business contact you’d love to meet for a chat…

Tuesday 6th: Spend at least one hour on business development activity today… making calls, sending emails, anything… just do it!

Wednesday 7th: Ask for feedback on that latest meeting/pitch you attended… what’s the worst that could happen?

Thursday 8th: Spotted a client in the press? You must have been intrigued… give them a call about it and find out more!

Friday 9th: Congratulate someone on their recent job promotion... see if they are free for a catch up!

Monday 12th: Remember that enquiry from the summer? Pick up the phone and see if it’s still on their radar…

Tuesday 13th: Invite someone to a seminar you are organising/attending in the new year, that you know they would be interested in…

Wednesday 14th: Pass on details of a useful contact to someone… they will really appreciate it!

Thursday 15th: Are you stuck in the lunch loop with a contact? Tell them you’d love to work with them…

Friday 16th: Has anyone moved into new offices? Drop them a line and ask to pop in… it shows you are interested!

Monday 19th: Organise all of your contacts, so that you are ready to work your way through them in January…

Tuesday 20th: Spend a bit of time working on your elevator pitch, so that it rolls of the tongue in 2017…

Wednesday 21st: Go through your recent emails and find the contacts on LinkedIn… send them an invite!

Thursday 22nd: Search for interesting events that are happening early next year and sign up for them…


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