Equal Standing Pose
Sanskrit: Samasthiti

“I spend pretty much every week away my home and family in Scotland – working in London and pretty much everywhere else (past few months – Athens, Madrid, New York, Dublin). I try to get home late on a Thursday night. That allows me to attend my yoga class on a Friday morning. Which I absolutely love. This pose is a chance to slow down from the madness of the week or training delivery, conference speaking and constantly chasing planes and trains. A chance to reconnect with myself. To take some slow, deep breaths. A chance to let my frantic mind settle. A chance to move from a constant, mindless state of “doing” into a simple, mindful state of “being”. Bliss!” Michael Fleming, Head of KWC Legal

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
This is a core standing pose for yoga practice and helps reconnect and bring awareness to the breath. It keeps you grounded and aware of your balance, essential skills for the mayhem of business life around you each day!


Warrior Pose
Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana

“This reminds me of who I am and of what I am capable – calm, focused, flexible and balanced.” Richard Norris, Consultant

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
Named after the warrior Virabhadra this pose aims to symbolise our inner ability to overcome ego and ignorance. This can bring us strength, focus and courage, all attributes needed to develop business relationships.


Sun Salutation
Sanskrit: Surya namaskara

“It’s dynamic, outward-looking and energising. I always feel fantastic afterwards.” Nicola Denegri, Principal Consultant and Head of Coaching

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
This is a traditional morning sequence to welcome the new day. It can set your mood for the activities ahead and helps with concentration. What else do you need to start your day with clients?


Half forward bend
Sanskrit: Uttanasana

“You relax and fold further into the pose… a bit like business… tense up and you ain’t going anywhere!” Brian Williamson, Entrepreneur in Residence

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
This is a restorative pose which can calm the mind, stretch the spine all things that are good for preparing you for that all important business meeting!


Camel pose
Sanskrit: Ustrasana

“It looked like such a simple post and that’s what irritated me for so many weeks… finally after eight weeks I was able to touch my toes! I cannot describe the feeling of achievement!” Julie McHugh, Client Services Manager

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
This back bend can be helpful for anxiety and creating energy all important for working the room at networking events!


Half Pigeon Pose
Sanskrit: ardha kapotasana

"The reason I like it is as it’s a good hip-opener as running often tightens my hips, so it helps counter that." Marina Livingstone, Senior Consultant and Coach

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
This pose is named after the master, Kapota, and reflects power, vigor, strength, vitality, and agility. It’s a great hip-opener helping stiffness and making you feel light again just like a bird! When you are on your final meeting of the day you need some lightness to reinvigorate you.


Bound angle pose
Sanskrit: baddha konasana

“This is my go to pose to ease my groins and sacrum after a long day of driving and standing up with training. It reinvigorates me for the next day so I’m fresh and ready!” Victoria Russell, Principal Consultant

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
This is a pose which can help stretch the groins, and help circulation, digestion and fatigue. It is a great antidote to the state of stress we often find ourselves at work!


Child’s pose
Sanskrit: Balasana

“When I was pregnant this was the only thing I could do to ease my aching back and legs. Now that my son is 16 months old, I can see where the pose gets it’s name!” Gemma Hamilton, Client Relationship Coordinator

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
This is a resting pose, used inbetween poses particularly challenging ones whilst still stretching the thighs. Just like business, this prepares you for the next challenge!


Corpse pose
Sanskrit: Savasana

“I have been going to yoga for 18 months and only recently went fully into this pose. It appears easy, but in reality it’s one of the hardest to master. When you do the results are amazing!” Matt Wardrop, Client Relationship Manager

How does this help you be a RainMaker?
This seems the easiest pose, but is one of the most difficult to master. The mind, breath, and body has to be as one. Sometimes the best business development is personal development and taking some time to focus on yourself!



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