BY Nicky Denegri

DATE: 12 DEC 2014


When I was asked for my best bits of the year, I was glad I wasn't restricted to one highlight; after all “There can be only one” worked well as the premise behind Highlander (the first, and best, of the franchise) but it would be cruelty to restrict us to “only one” as we have so many.  Here are but a few of mine:

Training and Facilitation

Working with the Board and the Operations team with one of my favourite Corporate clients; a different focus for each (facilitation of strategic discussions with the former, and some skills training for the latter) but three great days in total.  These are people who are focused, forthright and friendly.  They know what they need to do and they’re not afraid to do it.  Brilliant.


Working with several different and very senior people from within a particular University.  They are all just marvellous!  They are engaged, determined and resilient and have got – and are applying – their personal action plans to ensure their continued effectiveness and success.

Big gigs

Talking to a Chamber of Commerce about Personal Brand and Reputation and how to enhance it; fast, fun and yet serious.  We’ve all got a Personal Brand but it might not be the one we want!

Why these stick out is quite simple.  At each stage, whether the organisers and/or the attendees, there were people who were a pleasure to deal with, and who had a number of things in common: manners, an optimistic outlook, a desire to look at situations creatively and drive forward their own an others’ development.  Not everyone had all of those characteristics (although they all had manners!) but the critical mass created by those who did was a joy to behold.

I’ve been working hard on my “Learned Optimism” this year (as a moderate pessimist – see Martin Seligman’s book “Learned Optimism” for how to do it) and working with people who are optimists, or like me who have learned to do more of it, is an absolute tonic.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and an optimistic 2015.


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