I co-head up the charities committee at my school. Recently we organised a game show night ingeniously titled “Game of Shows”. Step aside Top Gear, we thought, there is a new format in town. Selling tickets proved to be harder than anticipated. Class after class ignored us, moaned and groaned or gave excuses as to why they couldn’t come.

By the end of the week I was going into classes for the 5th time, still with a smile, pushing for sales. The day before our very own Jeremy, Hamster and nameless scruffy bloke were due to do their thing sales were still low and we had to cancel. I pushed for a postponement but was beaten in a vote seven to one… SEVEN TO ONE! Our project became Game Of No Shows.

However not all our efforts were not wasted; we learned from our mistakes and will put a few smaller events on in future rather than a big one. Not only did we learn from our mistakes, we got over our disappointment and straight back up again to organise Red Nose Day, optimistic it would go well. Our optimism paid off as it was a huge success.

Spending a year heading up the committee, painful and frustrating as it was at times, taught me many invaluable life skills I couldn’t have learnt any other way. Persistence, resilience and of course optimism.

You win some, you lose some, but you have to keep at it… what’s the alternative?


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