BY Matt Wardrop

DATE: 21 DEC 2011


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Here’s what the team at KWC will be getting up to…

Joan Morrison, Operations Manager

Being of almost “orphan” status affords my brother, William, and me the luxury of spending Christmas Day with other “orphans”, aka chums.

We’re not daft. Our Christmas Day get-together with ten friends includes a professional chef/caterer and this year she has made a list and, yes, she’s checking it twice, delegating duties to everyone for the big day.

For me, this is what it is all about; great food, great friends, great times and also my Christmas would not be complete without watching my favourite festive film – The Bishop’s Wife with Cary Grant and Loretta Young – at least once.

Now, let me get back to peeling the sprouts.

Matthew Wardrop, Finance and Marketing Assistant

Going to the local with my friends on Christmas Eve is one of my favourite nights of the year. It is one of the rare times of the year we all get together and, because of the occasion, everyone makes an effort.

For the first time ever this year I plan to spend New Year outside of Glasgow. Not far, admittedly… I’ll be heading over to the capital (Edinburgh) to spend the night with my girlfriend and her family. Her big sister has recently bought a new black Labrador puppy, so I’m sure that will keep us entertained for the evening!

The Christmas period, for me, is about spending time with family and friends and relaxing. I will be doing all of these things with a little bit of Dundee United thrown in there too. The “new firm” derby on the 2nd of January promises to be a good one.

Best wishes to all!

Sharon McLellan, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Doing nothing for an extended period of time is an under-rated pastime and something I get little time to do in the course of the year. Now where’s that book on slowing down the speed of life… December 23rd to January 4th is my time to do that. Sometimes it’s only when you stop that you realise how fast you have been running. Ensuring I do as little as possible I know will involve brussel sprouts, mulled wine and lots of time with Felix the cat. Life’s simple pleasures…

But it won’t be a whole two weeks doing nothing. Having just moved into a new house I will be clearing the box-filled room that is earmarked for clarinet, saxophone and painting. The art and music room looks over the garden and the new exercise bike - an early Christmas present - looks over the bowling green. Both locations will force me away from the lime green couch in front of the telly over the holiday, so I suppose as well as The Great Escape I’ll be working on my finger memory, brush strokes and BMI.

Sonia Webster, Client Services Director

A favourite story book I read to my sons when they were 2ft 6" instead of 6ft 2" contains a tale describing a small cottage in the country. This I always said was my cottage where I would love to be "it had a bathroom, a proper kitchen, a fire in the living room and a neat little garden".

The current laugh in my present home of choice is the lack of a kitchen (I'm in the process of upgrading mine so cooker, sink or work surface are a fondly remembered luxury!); no fire in the fireplace due to the chimney removal this week (it had to be taken down before it fell down on its own - through my loft no doubt!); and my pretty garden was... well ... pretty (that is until the scaffolding went up and the wheelbarrows removed the chimney bricks!).

You are perhaps wondering the point of me sharing this with you as amusing as it may sound. It's Christmas time and none of these things matters. I have those I care for with me, healthy and happy regardless. Things are just there (or not as it happens!) but as always it's the people who are important.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, with the people who are important to you...


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