BY Russell Wardrop

DATE: 27 JUN 2019


KWC's Rainmaker Programme can make it ‘rain’ contacts, clients and profits for your organisation

For over a decade, Kissing With Confidence (KWC) has been delivering The Rainmaker Programme to business professionals all over the world. To date, we have transformed the business development skills of thousands of individuals – helping each one learn how to effortlessly convert contacts into clients. 

To understand what and why you would want to be a Rainmaker in the first place, it probably helps if we share the definition with you. A Rainmaker: a person who generates income for a business or organisation by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds. Don’t know about you, but this sounds like something everyone wants to be better at? 

So what is KWC’s Rainmaker Programme
In a nutshell, it’s business development training for business professionals – delivered over three months, it promises to help you get better contacts, more clients and increased profits. 

It begins with online pre-work to assess current abilities and activities of delegates and their attitude to business development. This should help you get in the zone while allowing us to tailor content to the needs of the room.

This is followed by three days of immersive training…

On day one, you’ll look at attitude, approach and action so you can learn how to maximise the results from any time spent on business development.

On day two, you will focus on building rapport and making the emotional connection – this includes pitching six different ways in 30 seconds! 

On day three, you’ll learn how to put your money where your mouth is – i.e. you’ve clinched the meeting, now it’s time to show your client what you’re made of and what you can deliver.

This intensive training is followed by three monthly online questionnaires to assess embedding of learning and provide an invaluable Gap Analysis. It’s important to note that Rainmaker Mentors are available throughout the process to reinforce application, deal with any gaps in knowledge or dips in confidence. 

So is The Rainmaker for you?
Our results are very impressive - if we do say so ourselves and our clients certainly do! We are fanatical about measurement and take pride in getting feedback. 

  • 100% of organisations saw increased sales within one month.
  • Sales return is (on average) 49 times the cost of taking part in the programme.
  • After one month, 95% of delegates seen an improvement in their BD performance – rising to 97% after three months.  
  • Client relationships were transformed – leading to increased client retention and client referrals.
  • Feedback from over 100,000 delegates showed us that 98% of them were delighted with our team!

Interested in finding out more?
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