BY Sharon McLellan

DATE: 25 MAY 2018


It’s Dementia Action Week #DAW18 and a great opportunity to launch our first preferred charity of 2018: Alzheimer’s UK.

When deciding on our 2018 shortlist this worthy cause was highlighted by our team as it has touched so many of our lives in one way or another.

Our business philosophy relies on supporting individuals and businesses in creating, nurturing and developing relationships with clients and colleagues. The aim is business growth, but the spin-off personal benefits are just as valuable: how we all enjoy our interactions with those close to us at work and at home.

The use of body language, words, new ideas and the sharing of memories of past experiences build powerful, long-term relationships. So the gradual loss of memories and ability to express feelings and thoughts through language in those who suffer from dementia is utterly devastating for the person and their friends and loved ones.

My colleague Michael reminds us of this in his video, and a while ago Russell wrote about his own experience of losing his dad suffering from dementia.

This is an all too familiar story to me as my Aunt moved into a specialist dementia home just a few months ago. This fiercely independent woman travelled the world and went to Spain as a twenty something, living there her whole working life. Her visits as the "exotic Auntie from Madrid" were exciting and joyful for my brothers and me. An accomplished linguist and translator from Spanish, Swedish, Italian, French - and a smattering of other languages - she was an inspirational role model to a young, shy girl from the West of Scotland (the first of her family to go to University) back in the mid 80s.

Now my aunt is back in the West of Scotland, close to me once again, but the languages are no more. She no longer knows my name, the ultimate pain. But the vestiges of the relationship are still there and I know deep down she knows me. It’s an instinctive awareness now but I’ll take that for as long as we’ve got.

So, it’s no surprise that this is a cause close to our hearts and we are proud to support the amazing work of Alzheimers UK.


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