BY Sharon McLellan

DATE: 13 JAN 2013


Our newest recruit to the business (and a former client) said recently that “Working for Kissing With Confidence is unlike many other organisations – because what you get on the inside is exactly the same as you get on the outside". Clearly music to my ears… but it did get me thinking…

Our ethos here is a simple one – treat people well, and they’ll do well by you.  This means that we can offer the service we really want to our clients - professional, efficient and extremely high quality – because the people delivering it are experiencing it too.

Times are tough.  We know this.  “Doing more with less” is the oft-employed euphemism for asking people to work harder for the same money, fewer benefits and less job satisfaction, in an anxiety-fuelled atmosphere.  This works up to a point, and in a recession, people stay put.  As soon as the economic climate starts to improve however (as in some London-based sectors, for example) people move on in search of a more “fulfilling” experience.  And that’s not always about the money.  It’s often about respect, communication and the opportunity to demonstrate what they can do.

So, what does ‘client’ care look like to you? And are you living and breathing it within your organisation, not just with your external clients? Think about all the things you want your clients to think and feel about your communications with them, and apply them to your people too… they are your greatest resource. Taking care of and developing that resource will also - for those with a watchful  eye on the bottom line - positively impact on that too…people buy from people…an old adage but a true one.


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