BY Nicky Denegri

DATE: 17 DEC 2013


As the not-so-well-known maxim goes, never get between a Scottish person and their food, especially when it’s Christmas lunch at stake.

Thus, panicky discussions ensued at Denegri Towers today when we realised that we haven’t as yet taken care of the central part of our Christmas lunch this year.  Venison’s the name, Scottish wild stuff’s the (ho ho) game this year

– we like to have something different every year.  I’ll be ordering online this evening, and looking forward to a saddle of venison, along with some kilted chips (aka pigs in blankets), winging their way to us in time for the day itself.

I generally get quite grumpy about Christmas for all sorts of reasons that I won’t bore you with here.  That said, once the actual day is upon us, I love it.  After breakfast we tend to have only one other meal – but it stretches across the early part of the afternoon and into the evening.  There will be a delicious but light starter such as smoked salmon, the main event with all sorts of trimmings, cheese galore and pudding (galore) too.

Each course will be interspersed with – in no particular order -  great chat, a snooze or two, maybe a Christmas movie, certainly the Queen’s speech, a board game and a couple of bracing walks with the dogs.  They will of course be beside themselves at the prospect of a few festive tidbits, the fiends.

Finally, we like to get dressed up on Christmas Day and I’ve taken deliver of a smashing black jersey maxi dress just this afternoon (thank you, thank you, weekend online shopping) which I’ll be putting on once the major prep is done, channelling a 70’s vibe and toasting health and happiness to all.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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