BY Matt Wardrop

DATE: 11 MAY 2018


How do you go from meeting a six-times World Champion snooker player to ending up in jail just 6 months later?

Back in November, I was invited by our suppliers Branding Boutique to join their table at the annual Epilepsy Scotland Sports Dinner. It was a fantastic night which raised lots of money for a great cause, and Steve Davis stole the show with his after dinner speech.

Typically, our table was last to leave and it was at this moment Robyn Friel – Head of Fundraising and Communications at Epilepsy Scotland – approached us to see if we wanted to join her in the bar for a pint with Steve Davis.

I was ready for my bed after a very long day… but how do you say no to that?!

We sat in a small group covering everything from the various stories he’s been told of where people watched “that final” in 1985, to his appearance on “I’m a Celebrity” just a few years ago.

It felt as though I was just chatting to a friend down the pub on a Friday night – he was very humble man and a delight to be around.

Robyn & I kept in touch and she invited me to join her table at “The Patter Merchant’s Comedy Clash” earlier this year. Another terrific night raising lots of money for Epilepsy Scotland.

So when Robyn approached me to support them in the “breaking free from stigma” event as part of National Epilepsy Week (14 – 20 May), I didn’t hesitate to accept because of everything she has done for me. And of course we will be raising money for a very worthy cause.

Here is what she has say to say about it:

“Research has shown that one in two people with epilepsy still encounter prejudice from the public and nearly all those polled said that most people know little about epilepsy. Through a variety of events during National Epilepsy Week we aim to break down the stigmas that surround epilepsy and the people affected.

This event will be an opportunity for us to reach out to our supporter’s networks directly and share our message. We are incredibly grateful to our participants for taking part and helping those affected by epilepsy to break free from the stigma, and to Police Scotland and Scottish Police Disability and Carers Association for their support.”

So four of us will be locked up in an undisclosed Police Scotland location in Glasgow, with only our mobile phones to get in touch with various people and raise the £500 “bail” we need to get out. A fantastic idea to raise awareness of the stigma that surrounds people affected by epilepsy.

I would be grateful if you could click here to donate the price of a cup of coffee to support a great cause… and get me home for my tea!


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