BY Nicky Denegri

DATE: 31 MAY 2013


It’s been a busy time at Denegri Towers recently.  In one nine-day period, Mr D and I managed – separately - to clock up visits to four different countries: America, Canada (Mr D), Scotland (land of my birth!  Hurrah!) and Spain (me).  I had the easier deal, definitely. Spain was to visit a friend living out there; Scotland to work with some of our fab clients in Aberdeen, which meant I could also catch up over with some Uni friends whilst there.

I got home at the end of it all feeling relaxed and refreshed by the Spanish sun, the Scottish warmth (of character), the interesting work and the chance to reconnect with some of my best friends.

It was a slightly different story for Mr D.  He’d gone West for work and had a pretty punishing travel schedule on top of some demanding engagements.  When I picked him up at Heathrow on the Saturday morning he looked shattered (thank goodness the other Mrs D – my mother-in-law – wasn’t there to see this.  She’s been telling him he looks tired since the day he married me.  This would have been more grist to the mill!) with all the travel, the time zone differences and the inevitably less-than -healthy food that you consume as a traveller.  I bundled him into the car and straight home for some TLC and am happy to report that he’s made a full recovery.

That said, he’s got Denmark, Sweden and Czechoslovakia looming in the next couple of weeks – so I’m making a concerted effort to get us both match fit.  Mr D for his travels, me because I’m long-time asthma sufferer.  It’s not been a problem until these last few months, when it’s really started to bother me.  Who knows why?  I’m not exactly sure, but age and lifestyle definitely play a factor.  The desire not to be bothered by it has finally given me the push I need.  As we all know, it’s easy in principle but not always in practice to make lifestyle changes, but I’m determined – enough so that I’m making a public declaration about it!  Next time you see me I should be looking more svelte, relaxed and healthy.  Should you see me riding in a taxi, scoffing a Glasgow Salad (chips), drinking a well-known sugary orange Scottish drink and finishing the lot off with Tablet (the devil’s dessert) or similar, permission granted to remonstrate with me and remind me of my goal: being well and achieving wellbeing through it.


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