BY Sharon McLellan

DATE: 01 NOV 2019


KWC is delighted to once again support Bees for Business by adopting our own working hive of honey bees

Recently there seems to be greater awareness around the vital role that bees play in our ecosystem in supporting and assisting a diverse number of different species to co-exist. Pollination is absolutely essential to life on our planet and although bees have existed for millions of years, their numbers have worryingly been in decline since the late 1990s.

Bees & Co aims to reverse the decline of the honey bee, while reaping the health and taste benefits of 100% raw honey. Their initiative Bees for Business actively encourages businesses to play their part and adopt their very own beehives.

Team KWC are excited to promote this great environmental cause by adopting a beehive for the second year in a row and personally being responsible for its wellbeing on a yearly basis.

KWC Managing Director, Sharon McLellan has this to say: “Sustainability is a massive issue, even more so in the current climate, so it’s a real pleasure to once again be involved with such a fantastic initiative.

Team KWC are proud to do their part – with one of the greatest pleasures having just received 24 jars of raw British honey which we can’t wait to taste.

You might not be aware but the UK only produces 14% of the honey it consumes, compared to a European average of 60% and we are passionate about doing our bit (small may that be) to improve these stats. I’d urge other businesses to get involved with Bees for Business and adopt a beehive for themselves.

On a personal note we feel quite a strong affiliation with bees in that they are fast paced, highly motivated and outcome focused – in short, they are a force to be reckoned with!”

Reasons to get involved with Bees for Business

  • It’s an ideal opportunity to reverse the decline of the honey bee and improve environmental biodiversity. 
  • Sustainable beekeeping, like sustainable farming, is about consciously striking a balance between nature and human demand: Bees for Business only take the excess honey produced by the bees, ensuring that enough is left for them to survive throughout the winter.
  • For every 10 hives adopted, one is provided free to a community or charity project.
  • And of course you get to enjoy 100% British raw artisan honey direct from your very own hive!

More about Bees & Co
Founder Jez Rose, a regular on television and radio has always had a passion for nature and the environment having grown up in the countryside. In 2017, he moved to a small farm on the Cambridge border with his wife, and now runs a multi-award-winning organic farm with over 100 honey bee hives. It’s the world’s first certified Carbon Neutral honey farm.

For more information on how you can adopt your own beehive, take a look at their website at



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