BY Matt Wardrop

DATE: 05 APR 2013


I love the client stuff: the meeting, the greeting, the buzz. Preparation is all… but sometimes the preparation doesn’t quite go to plan.

Staying at my Dad’s place to get a head start for a first meeting with a corporate, I arrived with my bag full of essentials:   

  • Tie… check (thin and purple… nice)
  • Suit… check (navy, of course…)
  • Socks… check (inky black…)
  • Pants… check (Calvins at the weekend, M&S today…)
  • Shoes… check (two pairs… comfy ones for driving – anyone else do that?)
  • Marketing materials… check (touchy feely leave behinds…)
  • Briefcase… check (not a rucksack…)
  • Shirt… Ahhhhhhhhhhh (bugger!).

Now Dad and I are about the same height and he assures me he was the same build as me when he was 24... but not now. So the “catwalk” which followed provided much entertainment and amusement. We eventually found a shirt that just about fitted – without a tie as there are quite a few inches difference in collar size and I did have to make sure that the jacket stayed on. Let’s just say there was a fair bit of spare material round the back.

So next time you’re preparing for a client meeting that involves a bit of overnight packing make sure you have all you need.  And if you haven’t already, check out Russell’s always assertive take on business dress for Generation Y: You’re not Bono.


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